A decision to move forward

Well, the decision has been made.  Lord willing, I’ll be directing a dinner theatre/melodrama at the beginning of May.  The script is one of mine, called A Wild Goose Chase and it’s specifically intended to allow families with disabled children to come adn participate.  All along we’ve been hoping to perform as a fund raiser for Families Together, a not-for-profit that provides resources and education for families with disabled children.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my schedule, but it looks like it will work out.

Auditions are tentatively scheduled for March 10, but there’s a freakin’ load of work that needs to be done before we get there.  In one month, I’ve got to:

1. Find a venue to perform (whether it’s off campus or at the church) – this is the most important right now
2. Set a performance date
3. Designate a rehearsal schedule
4. Pick an assistant director, a stage manager, a costume manager, a prop manager, a publicity manager, a ticket manager, a food manager, a fund manager (or a producer), and a few others who are very important

Only after those things are finished can we hold the auditions, cast characters, and begin rehearsals.

I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and I’m really praying that it can help a lot of people.

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