Wondering What God Is Doing

During the meeting with my co-director last night, we began discussing venues where we might take this melodrama.  We could use the church, of course, but since we want this to be a community outreach, we’re concerned that performing at a church would limit the community response. 

We’d been praying about this for weeks, and no solution had presented itself. 

We were just sitting and talking in the cafe, and like a light switch turning on, I suddenly remembered something.  I have a good friend who runs something of a theatre company near Park City (not really a theatre company, but I’m not sure what else to call it; it’s a place to get dinner and a show).  I had completely forgotten about her until sitting down to coffee with my co-director.

So I emailed her this morning.  Trouble was, the email address I have for her is ancient.  I wasn’t even sure if it were still active or not.  So I prayed over my email and hit the send button.  It didn’t come back, so I figured at least the account was still active.

About an hour or so later, I got a reply.

My friend told me in the email that she was highly interested in allowing us to use their facility for a greatly reduced rate.  She also gave me another email address to use that she checks more frequently.  She told me then that she never checks the address I had used, but for some reason she had checked it today.

Quite a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

Nothing’s set in stone, but at least we have one option available now!  Yay!!

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