Casting Meeting

My co-director and I met last night to assign casting for the melodrama.  I’m so excited on what we decided.  It was so cool too because we had separately cast the same people in the five key roles!  It was awesome!!!

So the cast of Wild Goose Chase is as follows:

Mary-Mary Quite Contrary – Tiffany Hadden
Jack B Nimble – Josh Buettgenbach
Narrator – Dawn Clark
Mother Goose – Amy Blough
Fineas Grouse – Jay Luper
Jack (Who Fell Down the Hill) – Justin Ghere
Jill (Who Fell Down the Hill) – Kristen McCune
Mary (with the Little Lamb) – Elena Nightingale
Little Bo Peep – Madison Hopper
Jack Sprat – Dave Elworth
Peter Piper – Brian Hainstock
The Crooked Man – Kevin Pile
Wee Willie Winkie – Danielle Wigley
The Prince – Kenton Elworth
Hermit the Frog – Alaina Cohen

And that’s our cast!  I’m SO EXCITED!!!  HOORAY!!!

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