I hear cows

So it’s Christmas Eve 2010. How did that happen so fast? It’s ridiculous.

Something really odd is going on at my house. It’s like the wildlife all decided to come out for Christmas. I mean, I’m sure if I knew half the critters that wandered around my property at night, I’d never want to go outside again, but this is crazy.

I pulled in to my driveway late last night (was out Chili-ing with friends after rehearsal) and what to my wondering eyes did appear? But the biggest stinkin’ skunk I’ve ever seen. This thing was H-U-G-E.

If I had been my mother, I would have swerved to run over it (ask her sometime; she’ll verify this did happen). But I remember what it smelled like back then, and I’m certain it would smell the same now. So I just waited to see what Skunkzilla was going to do. He/She/It decided to take refuge in the culvert in front of our garage. Great. Spectacular. So I drove into the garage and got the door shut before I got out of my car. I bundled up all my stuff (because everybody knows I must carry a ton of stuff with me everywhere I go) and tried to get into the house without getting sprayed. I was successful.

But the one cat that still inhabits this crazy place (she’s utterly and totally useless; I love cats and I’m ready to shoot this one) decided that last night was the perfect night to try to jump in my car. She’s never done this before. So it’s like Midnight and I’m freezing and want to get back into the house before Skunkzilla gets me and my arms are loaded with stuff and the stupid cat is inexplicably trying to get inside my car. I managed to fight her off and stepped out the back door of the garage onto a lovely patch of ice that sent me sliding. I stayed upright, but I felt like I was in the Ice Capades. . . .

I made it to the house and of course the battery backup for the sump pump had decided to freak out while I was gone and it was squealing at a high pitch strong enough to hear all through the house (you know it’s loud when it’s in the basement cellar with cement walls and I can hear it on the second floor clearly). I couldn’t get it to shut off so I gave up and went to bed.

It was still squealing when I woke up this morning, and I made it a few hours into the day before I finally called Dad and asked for help in either shutting it off or blowing it up. He suggested I reset it. That worked well, actually. Mental note for next time.

It’s been a very productive morning. Dishes and laundry and cleaning and stuff in preparation for the family coming out tonight after the Christmas Eve service at NewSpring.

I had a few minutes and thought I’d take the time to blog and I was sitting in my office (in my unheated second floor) all bundled up typing when the 23 head of cattle in my pasture decided to all start mooing at the same time. Maybe they’re cold? Or hungry? I don’t know. But that was quite a sound hearing all the cows mooing together. Maybe they’re singing Christmas carols? Or maybe they’re just dumb future hamburgers. That’s more likely.

Oh, and I also saw a squirrel skittering along the top of the old chicken coop . . . maybe it scared the cows.

In any case, this old farm is nutty.

I’m leaving to pick Mom up in about half an hour. Four services at NewSpring later, and we can all come home. It will be an interesting service this year. A lot has changed (and will continue to change) but what is nice is that the reason we’re celebrating is the same. And that won’t ever change.

To anybody who takes the time to read my random ramblings, I wish you the best Christmas you’ve ever had and a wonderful New Year. God has done incredible things in 2010; I can’t wait to see what He will do in 2011!