Fear is petrifying. Isn’t it amazing how one little emotion can control so much of you? It can paralyze you. It can seize you and keep you from moving, from feeling, from thinking, from seeing. And it’s fascinating to me that Fear is often the root of many other uncontrolable emotions. Like hate.

The verse of the day today is Psalm 56:4.

4 I praise God for what he has promised.
      I trust in God, so why should I be afraid?
      What can mere mortals do to me?

I want to live my life this way. I want to trust God so much that just knowing He has promised something is enough for me, without seeing Him actually keep His promise. I want to trust God so much that I’m not afraid of anything. I want to trust God so much that fear plays no part in my life and that I am nto afraid of what people can do to me.

I’d like to think that I’m there, but I’m not.

I have never had trouble trusting God. He’s the One Person in my life who has never let me down. But my same old worries and concerns and fears still creep into my thoughts, and sometimes it’s hard to focus on anything else. And I guess that’s normal. I guess that’s just being human. But I still think it’s weakness, and I still think it’s a sin. And sin, for a believer, is a choice we don’t have to make.

Christ overcame sin so we wouldn’t have to be controled by it. And He gave us the power to choose not to sin.

So I’m working on not being afraid anymore. I have a host of things I fear that I don’t talk about because I know it’s wrong to be afraid. But ignoring your fears and facing them are two separate reactions.

In any case, God has made many promises, and I have no doubt that He will keep all of them. Becuase that’s who He is. But not knowing what those promises will bring is unsettling sometimes too. Because I know for a fact that He expects more of me than I expect of myself and that He trusts me more than I really think He should.

I know God has promised great things. But I refuse to fear what is coming (or what isn’t coming) in my life because I know that He has everything under control.