What God can do

Have you ever heard the stupid questions people ask to discover God’s limitations? The one that came to mind this morning is, “Can God create a rock too big for Him to move?”

Think about the answer to a question like that. If the answer is yes, that means there’s something God can’t do. If the answer is no, that means there’s something God can’t do.

Maybe there are generally curious individuals out there who sincerely want an answer to this question. But, seriously? Is this really something that matters? Aren’t there more important questions to answer about God than whether or not He can lift a rock?

The verse this morning is Jeremiah 32:17.

 17 “O Sovereign Lord! You made the heavens and earth by your strong hand and powerful arm. Nothing is too hard for you!

Many times I think we forget who we’re talking to when we pray. I think it slips our mind because God is so loving and He’s done (and is doing) so much for us on a daily basis that it’s easy to lose track of the fact that He made the universe out of nothing. His glory is so great that we couldn’t even stand in His presence without being obliterated. Our perception of God has been so altered by our culture that we view Him as this big friend in the sky.

Well, yes. He’s our friend. And we have access to Him through Jesus.

But we should never lose sight of who God is. We should never forget just how powerful He is and what He’s done and what He’s created and just how impossibly holy He is.

None of us can understand God. He’s too much for us. He’s too high above us. Can a grasshopper understand the way a person thinks? It’s the same deal between God and us. There’s no way we can ever comprehend the way His mind works, and I’m thankful for that. I don’t want a God I can understand, otherwise He wouldn’t be God.

But asking questions to discover God’s limitations when the Bible tells us He has none is a silly waste of time. As humans we can’t wrap our puny little brains around the state of being limitless. We have lived with limitations since we were born. Limitations like gravity. Limitations like needing sleep and needing air and needing food and water. Limitations like being vulnerable to sin–to doing wrong–to hurting other people–to letting people down. Those are limitations, and every human being suffers from those limitations because none of us is perfect.

But God is perfect. He has no limits.

The Bible says there’s nothing God can’t do, and I believe that. It’s hard to apply that in my life sometimes though, because it’s so hard to wrap my brain around the idea that God can do anything. But it’s true. He is strong enough to take any situation — no matter how awful it may seem — and turn it into something beautiful and wonderful that brings glory to Him.

So if you think asking if God can make rocks too big for Him to lift will tell you what you need to know about Him, I guess that’s fine. If you want to keep searching to discover God’s limitations, go right ahead. But can a limited being ever understand a limitless being? Can the finite ever grasp the infinite?

And why would a self-sufficient, infinite Person with no flaws and no needs create a world of people when He knew He would have to make an unthinkable sacrifice to even speak to them?

Now that’s a question.