Promise of victory for a Monday morning

Today’s verse is Psalm 149:4.

4 For the Lord delights in his people;
      he crowns the humble with victory.

This is a good reminder for a Monday morning. I love the Psalms. They’re always so encouraging.

Knowing that the Lord takes delight in me is something that boggles my mind. Because I don’t think I’m really that delightful, personally. But God thinks on a different level than I do, and for that I’m thankful.

But I guess what I’m really drawn to this morning is the statement that God gives victory to the humble. It’s something that the Bible says over and over again so it’s not a new thought. And it’s something that I already know. I mean, if the Bible says it over and over again (which it does), then it’s not surprising.

But just think about it. And when today gets overwhelming, remember it. And when life seems to be circling the drain and everything seems to be going wrong, remember that God gives victory to the humble.

So be humble.

That’s my goal today. To be humble about work. To be humble about life. Because I want to be victorious. And maybe I can win a few battles on my own strength. But winning a battle isn’t the same as being victorious. Winning a battle makes you a good warrior, but being victorious in a war means you had help.

I want to be victorious today, so I’m going to be humble. Being humble means thinking more about the people around me than I do of myself. Being humble means promoting other peoples’ accomplishments instead of my own. But I think, more than anything, being humble means thanking God for everything in my life, whether I think it’s positive or negative.

My view of my life is broken. I see something I think is a negative circumstance, and I am tempted to be discouraged. And I am tempted to feel despair and wonder what God is thinking or why He would allow difficulty into my life. I mean, after all, haven’t I done everything He’s asked me to do?

That’s not a humble response.

Being humble means recognizing that God is in control. That means obeying Him. That means being thankful for whatever He brings into our lives, whether it’s good or bad in our perspective. Because nothing happens without a reason. And if we can gratefully accept the people or things or experiences that God brings our way, God will use our humility to accomplish something incredible.

Can God not use proud people? Of course, He can. God can (and does) use everyone. But the difference is that a humble person recognizes that God is using Him and works alongside God willingly to make a difference.

God gives victory to the humble. I don’t know about you, but that’s a message I need for a Monday morning.