Can you trust a rock?

What is it about rocks that make us trust them? Whenever we refer to someone as a “rock” we usually mean that he or she is steady and solid.

Granted, rocks on earth are subject to erosion and wear like everything else. But it takes forever.

Whenever I hear people talking about people being rocks, I think about Duane Johnson, formerly known as The Rock — the wrestling guy. He’s an acting guy now. I actually enjoy his movies. He’s kind of fun. But people called him The Rock because he was huge and because he was unmoveable.

We trust rocks because they are solid. When the wind blows, generally speaking, they aren’t going anywhere. They’re unchanging. Rocks usually look and act the same from day to day. And they’re steady. When everything else around them collapses, generally they stay where they are.

Those are normal rocks. And if you’re speaking of a person, those are normal people. But what would happen if you found a rock that never eroded?

That’s what today’s verse is about. Isaiah 26:4.

 4 Trust in the Lord always,
      for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.

This verse identifies God as an eternal rock. A rock that lasts forever no matter how the wind howls or the rains pound.

So if we can trust a person who we think is a rock when we know that they aren’t perfect and will eventually make a wrong move, how much more can we trust God? If we can trust a rock down here where everything — even the mountains — are temporary, how much more can trust a rock of heaven that really, truly never changes?

People we trust can make mistakes. Even the best, most solid rock on earth can crack. And for that reason you can’t always trust people. We’re always supposed to love them, but loving people isn’t the same as trusting them.

Oppositely, though, since God is a rock that will never crack or erode, we can always trust Him. So why don’t we?

I mean, we say we do. But we don’t live like it. Maybe it’s because too many people have let us down. Too many people we trusted have disappointed us. Too many of our rocks have worn away.

The thing about trust is that it has to be earned. And so many times I don’t think we give God the chance to show us how trustworthy He is. We ask Him for something and when He doesn’t give it to us right away, we decide that He’s a liar and we give up on Him. Or we just try to accomplish something on our own and we fail.

So if you haven’t ever allowed God to prove Himself to you, consider giving Him a chance. And when what you want doesn’t happen exactly when you want it, don’t give up.

Many people consider mountains to be a symbol of wisdom because they’ve been around so long. And people who are wise know that it’s not always the best course of action to give a younger person everything they want immediately when they want it. God is the same way.

He’s older than the mountains. And He is wiser than the wisest person in the universe. And to a certain extent, while God wants to prove how trustworthy He is to us, trust is reciprocal. We have to demonstrate to God that we can be trusted too. God isn’t going to give us responsibilities or possessions that we will misuse or mistreat until we can show Him that we are ready.