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Keep your lenses clean

Trying something different this morning, a retro devo. Funny how something written so long ago is still relevant … that either means it’s a great concept or that I haven’t learned anything since then. =)

Always Peachy

Does anybody wear glasses out there? I do. I used to wear contacts and I got tired of poking my fingers in my eyes every morning and night. So I switched to glasses and I still like them. What fascinates me with glasses is how dirty the lenses can get. Even if you clean them, five minutes later they have some kind of smudge on them. Having smudged up glasses tends to make people look at you funny, I’ve noticed.

I’ve noticed that because I’m terrible at keeping my glasses clean. They’re always smudged or dusty or spattered and I have no idea how to keep them from getting that way because I don’t know how it happens. So I am in the habit of cleaning my lenses with the hem of my shirt . . . which probably hurts the lenses but it gets the spots off them so…

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