On the road again …

Well, here we go again. I’m leaving again for one of the most beautiful places on earth: Glen Eyrie.

Glen Eyrie Castle - Colorado Springs, CO

Glen Eyrie Castle – Colorado Springs, CO

I’m so spoiled. I went up there (with three awesome ladies) over Memorial Day because the writing workshop June 10-13 keeps us so busy we can’t enjoy the grounds. So over Memorial Day, we enjoyed the grounds; now we’re going back to write our fingers to the bone. Half the time we don’t even get free time because we have writing assignments in the evenings. Fortunately, it’s tons of fun!

In any case, I wanted to let everyone know that devos may be a little later in coming than normal next week, but I’ll still be doing them. They’re so good for me!! I don’t know if any of my random, rambling thoughts make any sense to anyone else, but they sure help me stay on target for the day.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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