Unplanned hiatus

Ever have unexpected circumstances pop up in your life that prevent you from doing the things you’d planned to do? Well, that happens to me frequently, but usually I’m adept enough to roll with the punches. But this time I lost my internet connectivity, and that sort of wreaks havoc with a blog.

I’d hoped to have it back on Monday, but it didn’t happen. It’s likely I won’t get it back until Wednesday now, which wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m currently traveling for work. I’ll be in Seattle for the rest of this week. I’m actually writing this post in the Denver airport between flights.

Fortunately, where I’m staying should have internet. But I wanted to let those of you who follow this blog know that I haven’t stopped! I just haven’t been able to access the internet. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere, right?

Look for a post tomorrow!