You wanted to help with a new AlwaysPeachy devo book?

Now’s your chance!

Again. Sorry. Not a devotional. Just an extra post to let you know about something awesome that’s going on! So many of you said you were interested in sponsoring a year-long devotional book I went ahead and signed up for a account. And guess what? It goes live today! 

How does it work?

Just follow the link ( and you’ll be redirected to the campaign page for the AlwaysPeachy #3 project.

Click the big greet “Support This Project” button.

Then, you can choose how much you want to donate. You can select a specific amount in return for a reward of some kind. There are different rewards for each amount, ranging from Twitter shout outs to free books and even a plate of no-bake cookies made by yours truly. Or, if you’d rather give an amount that isn’t listed, just enter it in the space at the top of the page and hit Enter.

You’ll get to enter a credit card number, but your card won’t be charged until the project is fully funded. I thought that was kind of cool.

You only have 2 weeks to get on board, so if you want to be a part of this crazy idea, now’s the time!

I can’t even tell you how humbling it is to even have enough people reading this crazy blog that this could be possible. So thank you in advance! And rest assured, this book is going to be pretty awesome.

Actually, it’s going to be so awesome, it might even be peachy. 😉

Would you support a new devotional book?

First of all, this post is not a devotional. If you want today’s devotional, that happened at earlier today. This post is a question to anyone who’s enjoyed reading my devotional blog posts.



I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for another published AlwaysPeachy devotional book, one that has more than 30 devotionals in it. So I’ve been considering putting a whole year’s worth in one book, but financially I’m not at the point where I can fund it from my own bank account at this point.

So I’m testing the waters at this point to see if any of you awesome readers out there would be interested in participating in a crowdfunding campaign to help me put another book together.

If you don’t know what crowdfunding is, let me give you a little background. Crowdfunding is basically a group of fans or supporters who sponsor a specific project financially in return for some product or service. In this case, if you agree to sponsor a new AlwaysPeachy project, you’ll be guaranteed a copy. It’s sort of like paying for your copy in advance. But you won’t just get a copy. I’ll make sure you get a signed copy, an acknowledgement either on the blog or inside the book, and maybe even a plate of no-bake cookies. (I’m not above shameless bribery, and I do love to make cookies.)

Crowdfunding has been around for a long while, and there are many legitimate sites online that provide crowdfunding services. I would be using, which is a site specifically for independent authors and small presses. It comes highly recommended.

AlwaysPeachy Devotionals

AlwaysPeachy Devotionals

Basically, how this would pan out, is I release how much it’s going to cost for me to produce a book with one year of devotionals, plus the production costs and the legal costs, and people have the opportunity to sponsor the project financially, in amounts ranging from $1 to $100 each. As soon as I get the amount necessary, I’ll produce the book and make it available for everyone, and if you’ve already sponsored the project with a high enough amount, you won’t have to pay for your copy. You’ll get it automatically.

This would be a whole year’s worth of devotionals, a single page, Monday through Friday, January through December, with a different theme each month. I’ll probably produce it both in physical and electronic versions.

Anybody game?